Xbox Series X Review

New technical features were shared for the new generation game console Xbox Series X, which is preparing for a big fight with PlayStation 5.

The Xbox Series X, which will go on sale at the same time as the rival PlayStation 5 at the end of 2020, is technically sound. The console carries a personalized AMD Zen 2 processor and uses the Radeon RDNA architecture. The Ray tracing supported console, which comes with the support of 8K games and whose frame rate will increase up to 120 fps, is getting ready to offer 4K 60 fps as a standard. The new information clarifies that there is a 12 teraflop GPU, in other words, the graphics unit on the console. In this respect, the console, which will double the graphics power of Xbox One X and the graphics power of Xbox One to eight, raises the bar in this regard. With this power, the model will provide a real new generation leap, and the NVMe SSD storage unit will also reduce load times.

Xbox Series X will offer 8K 120 FPS over HDMI 2.1 and bring smooth gameplay with VRR. So transitions between games will be very fast. The console, which can run games of four generations retrospectively, will not put an additional burden on the developers here. Older generation games seem to run immediately when the console is released. There is still no information on the price of the console

Xbox Series X is very ambitious about sound

As far as we have heard, the console will have a hardware-specific sound processing infrastructure, making it possible for even the simplest headset to deliver an impressive surround sound experience. As said, the console will be able to virtualize the sound in three dimensions so that the interaction with the games becomes more realistic than ever before.

In this structure, it is stated that the direction of the sound can be understood exactly and for this reason, no special headphones or sound systems are required.

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