Xbox SX heat problem

Xbox SX heat problem?

Consoles are too loud, consoles are too hot – especially the latter was recently accused of the upcoming Xbox Series X. However, Microsoft disagrees and recently commented on it.

Xbox Series X: is next-gen console getting too hot too?

In recent weeks, testers had the opportunity to put the Xbox Series X through its paces in advance. While some were very happy with the performance and the device itself, some complained about the heat emitted by the console. Ken Bogard reported in a video (meanwhile deleted), for example, that his Xbox Series X would be quiet, but would give off a lot of heat and that even at low power.

The Xbox Series S has already become cheaper.

According to Microsoft, the cooling works efficiently

Aaron Greenberg, Marketing Manager for the Xbox team, recently spoke up and explained how the cooling works. A 130mm fan would direct the air through three channels through the console. The air would be sucked in on one side, flow through the entire housing of the Xbox Series X and then escape through the ventilation openings. In the end, this ensures effective cooling of the hardware.

Microsoft assures that the hardware won’t overheat like it did with previous models like the Xbox 360 and that the new generation wouldn’t get significantly warmer than the Xbox One.

Until you can form your own opinion, you have to be patient. The Xbox Series X will be released together with its little sister Xbox Series S on November 10, 2020.

You can find more information and details about the upcoming console in our practical overview.

How are your experiences so far in terms of heat and volume with your consoles? Which ones do you already have and which of the next-gen consoles are you going to get? Please write us in the Facebook comments.

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