Xiaomi Fold: The cell phone revolution is delayed a bit

Xiaomi Fold

For a long time, it was quiet about the foldable smartphone from Xiaomi. It is now evident that the Chinese manufacturer is not only pursuing the idea but would like to show a finished product soon. An important problem is unlikely to be resolved, as it turns out.

Xiaomi Fold: cell phone revolution is coming in 2021

While the competition has long since released foldable cell phones, Xiaomi is unusually hesitant. Usually always at the top when it comes to rather crazy ideas, people have long held back when it comes to smartphones with foldable displays. Chinese media are now reporting that there is an approximate date on which the “Xiaomi Fold” should come onto the market.

According to reports, Xiaomi will officially launch its first folding phone in 2021. A more specific date is not given, which is why a presentation at the beginning of the year is not to be expected. Xiaomi had already shown its first prototype in early 2019. This is a 2-in-1 device that can be bent backward in two places.

It is doubtful whether Xiaomi will stick to this design. A lot has happened with folding smartphones since the beginning of 2019. After the release of the first Galaxy Fold from Samsung and the Huawei Mate X, it could also have been recognized by Xiaomi that foldable displays are not that easy to achieve. Unlike Huawei and Samsung, the manufacturer is facing a completely different problem.

Xiaomi: is the cheap folding phone coming?

Xiaomi has made a name for itself for a long time as a producer of, particularly affordable cell phones. Even if the flagships are now being sold at a higher price, Xiaomi could be in a bind with its folding smartphone. Customers expect an inexpensive product from Xiaomi, which is not easy to achieve with foldable displays. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 is available for $ 1,999 – Xiaomi fans, however, expect something different.

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