New electric dirt bike unveiled produced via Yamaha motorcycle partnership

We have a new electric motorcycle model signed by more than one name, especially Yamaha. Yamaha off-road electric motorcycle is the future in the Motocross class.

Yamaha off-road electric motorcycle under development

Yamaha Motor Europe, Dohms, SPIKE, and Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association (KNMV) are located behind the electric motorcycle model, whose details we have shared, but which is not yet named but emerged as part of the EMX Powertrain project. Developed directly for motocross races, that is, resistant to difficult terrains and high hills/jumps, the motorcycle passes as “250cc” and has no technical details yet. This model, which does not create an “incredible” amount of noise like standard motocross models, is now a common development platform. It should be noted that the model, which we think will be detailed soon, is not unrivaled in the field. There are currently other motocross-oriented electric motorcycle models. However, experienced names in the field like Yamaha create the impression that this area will enlarge.

Yamaha recently made a splash with the YDX-MORO and YDX-MORO Pro electric bikes

While the electric motorcycle prepared was appreciated, the sales prices of the YDX-MORO and YDX-MORO Pro models, the details of which we have given here, were announced. Yamaha set a price of $ 4,499.00 and $ 5,499.00 for the YDX-MORO and YDX-MORO Pro models in mountain bike form. Land-specific models with high prices, however, carried high-end equipment.

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